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Composite garden products have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their numerous advantages and desirable features. The durability and longevity of composite materials, coupled with their low maintenance requirements, make them an attractive choice for homeowners seeking outdoor solutions that can withstand the elements without constant (and costly) upkeep.

We only work with top quality, UK manufactured products

Composite decking and other products have always been seen as the preferred choice for people with large, expansive gardens (and pockets). At Haydns, we think that everyone should be able to take full advantage of high quality, low maintenance, composite products. 

Composite Decking

By far the most common composite product. Decking has become a popular alternative to traditional wooden decks and even patios. Due to it's low level maintenance and instant aesthetic appeal.

Screens and Panels

Whether you just want to section off an area for privacy, such as a hot-tub or dining table, or simply want to  divide your outdoor space into multipole distinct spaces, Composite screens offer the perfect solution.

Cladding & Garden Rooms

These buildings can offer a more cost effective alternative to adding extra, usable space to your home without considering a large, costly extension, Garden rooms and sheds are the latest must-have outdoor accessory.

Our Products

All of our products have a few things in common. Firstly, they are all designed to make working with them and maintaining them as cost effective and as easy as possible. Secondly, they are chosen either because of their environmental benefits or their low impact on the planet.